05 June 2014
PALMIERO’s Jewels and Nature as Source of Inspiration

Nature, symbol of beauty, is Carlo Palmiero’s primary source of inspiration to create his masterpieces made of gold and precious stones.

“Everything you can imagine, Nature has already created” (Albert Einstein).

Human beings have not invented anything new but they have always drawn inspiration directly from the world. It is therefore important to be attentive observers.

Carlo Palmiero is an artist of the jewel gifted with curious eyes, great imagination and strong sensitivity. An attentive observer indeed. Since an early age, his desire to represent Nature’s finest details has led him to travel around the world and constantly look for the most beautiful natural sceneries and everyday life magic.

Nature is essential part of Palmiero’s creations: flowers of beautiful colour tonalities and intense perfume, enchanting trees, small woods and distant clearings, soft clouds and elegant butterflies, curious animals and animals endowed with noble beauty.

The Flowers, Animals and many other collections originate from Carlo Palmiero’s will to represent the floral and animal world and pay homage to it through small and precious works of art to wear with sublime and endless elegance.