21 October 2013
Carlo Palmiero wins the 43rd Edition of “Oscar del Successo”, Alessandria, Italy

Carlo Palmiero wins the 43rd Edition of “Oscar del Successo” conferred by the Italian province of Alessandria.
This prestigious award is conferred to whom “blazons the province on the national and international panorama”. On October 20, the award ceremony was held at Palazzo del Monferrato in Alessandria to the presence of the provincial and regional authorities.
The jury recognised in the Master goldsmith “an artist of the jewel that, through his passion, imagination and creative sensibility, is able to free emotions and shape the material to give it a soul”.
Thanks to a team of over sixty high qualified creative employees and collaborators, Carlo Palmiero nowadays represents with geniality and talent the Italian jewellery creativity and personality  all over the world.
“Through his ability to depict and reinterpret the endless shades of reality, Carlo Palmiero transforms his creations into a manifestation of the personality of the person who wears it. The style of his jewels wisely combines tradition and innovation, which are expressed with an elegant taste that goes beyond fashion. From his modern and artistic headquarters located in Via dell’Industria in the town of Valenza, his precious jewels are distributed through Europe, Middle East, Russia, China, Japan and United States, where they act as symbols of Italian elegance and style”.