is an artist of the contemporary jewel.

« I have always been a child with a great imagination. I used to spend hours assembling and disassembling objects, creating and molding tiny wax jewels. In the art of jewellery I finally found the way to give expression to what appeared to be my most natural gift: manual skill. The opportunity I had to observe and work with the greatest master goldsmiths of Valenza contributed to arouse my curiosity towards jewellery. I therefore started to grow a passion for this real “art”, whose techniques and secrets I deeply wanted to learn about. »

« What fascinates me is the fact that jewels have always kept their own charm, becoming “the object of a timeless desire”. »

In the laboratory-atelier of Valenza, he creates his sensational collections branded Palmiero Jewellery Design, which nowadays represents one of the most sought-after and exclusive firms on the international jewellery scene.