Carlo Palmiero grew up in the 60’s in Valenza, a small town of Piedmont, a region in the northern part of Italy. The town has always been famous for its goldsmith tradition. He was inevitably influenced by this art and had the opportunity to enter artisanal laboratories and work together with the greatest experts of the field.

This is the origin of a true love story, the one with the art of jewellery, which has lasted unchanged until today.

The first jewels were realised in the small laboratory opened in the 70’s , where objects characterised by small dimensions but already strong personality were created.

Carlo Palmiero by bucking the trend and modifying the standards of classical jewellery (which in those years mostly referred to solitaire, contrarié or important centres surrounded by diamonds) moved the attention from the “centre” to the whole object, dilated the shapes and expanded the attention to the whole jewel surface. His rings become 360° sculptures, including the shank, which is now protagonist and not only simple stand.

In 1979 Carlo Palmiero founded the company that bears his name.
It is a real success.



Nowadays, Carlo Palmiero, together with his team, conceives his fantastic and fascinating creations in the modern laboratory-atelier inaugurated in Valenza in 2007.

The high technology of the laboratory makes it one of the forefront companies in the jewel manufacture. At the same time, it remains a large artisanal laboratory, where manual skill is exalted and expressed through the ability of highly qualified goldsmiths and stone-setters. Thanks to them the brand appears in the most prestigious and select boutiques of the world.

Palmiero’s creations are haute couture jewels that communicate through the language of sculpture and the vocabulary commonly used by artists, who shape the matter to give it a soul. The diamond pavé and the natural stones become the protagonists, a real raison d’être. They are conceived in intense and exuberant tonalities and “arlecchino” or shaded effects, creating splendid optical illusions.

Neither the gold escapes the virtuosities of the creator, who drapes it, curves it, undulates it, “domesticates” it to his inspiration by crossing the evanescent borders between craft and art.

Palmiero Jewellery Design shows top quality and creativity, authentically haute de gamme and authentically Made in Italy.