« The creation of a jewel and its uniqueness go well beyond designing its shape. Every single element and process both have a fundamental importance for the success of every new creation. »

Carlo Palmiero takes care of every single phase of the jewel manufacturing, from the design and the selection of materials to the actual creation, by working together with a selected team of highly qualified designers, artists and artisans of the jewellery field.

Technology and manual skill work together to give life to unique, exclusive and customisable jewels.


Carlo Palmiero’s creations find their highest expression in the precious stones that colour and enrich the shapes.

The stones are rare for their quality, chromatic variety and cut, and they are personally selected by Carlo Palmiero with endless passion all over the world.

Exquisite white diamonds and more. The protagonist of Palmiero’s jewels is the colour: the rarest coloured diamonds – pink, yellow, blue, green and cognac… – are combined with the best natural sapphires creating unusual and fascinating combinations and shades. Intense topazes, brilliant rubellites and beautiful rubies become pure colour that Carlo Palmiero uses to give life to his courageous ideas.

Together with his team of expert gemmologists, Carlo Palmiero wisely combines different chromatic tonalities in order to create unique and fascinating pavé shades, which have almost become synonymous of Palmiero Jewellery Design’s creations and let our imagination run free.