Comune di Valenza - Archivio Storico - Fondo Dabene



« I arrived in Valenza in the 60’s and I remained immediately fascinated by the long artisanal history and tradition of the town. Here like nowhere else various master goldsmiths gathered together .There were laboratories at every corner. As a young boy, I was inevitably attracted by gold. »

« I remained fascinated by the stories of the first goldsmiths Vincenzo Morosetti and his apprentice Vincenzo Melchiorre. Since 1875 in Valenza, they gave life to one of the greatest goldsmith schools in Italy and in the world. »

Nowadays, Valenza is the Italian capital of high jewellery. In Valenza Carlo Palmiero decided to concentrate his production by keeping the artisanal traditions of the past and adding a touch of modernity, spreading the name of “his” town in the world.