29 August 2014
Experiencing “the romance and magic of Numbers” with PALMIERO

PALMIERO Jewellery Design attended the private event organized by Masterpiece by King Fook at Grand Hyatt Hong Kong. We would like to recall the precious evening where years of successful collaboration with Masterpiece by King Fook were celebrated and the latest and finest PALMIERO Numbers on Wrist Watch Collection was launched.

An exclusive and elegant audience took part in the event, where beauty, high cuisine and refined music created the perfect set to exhibit unique jewellery pieces. Everyone remained fascinated by the beautiful design of PALMIERO’s jewels, which are rigorously Made in Italy and precious as they are uncommon.

On the special stage of that evening, PALMIERO Numbers on Wrist Watch Collection was the protagonist. A collection dedicated to Numbers, to their magic and symbolic meaning, through which Carlo Palmiero intends to celebrate Art and Poetry.

“The artist paints on precious canvases sinuous and lyrical numbers framed by diamonds and precious stone”.